Farewell Al Verde… Hello The Ginger Italian!  Previously known as Al Verde, this is a truly lovely little Italian restaurant that’s owned and run by the inimitable, wonderful and eternally damn hard working Joe and staffed by equally marvellous chefs and front of house folk. The menu is extensive but not overloaded which is always a good sign as it means freshly prepared food and gosh, what delightful and delectable food it is! The wine list is varied and reasonably priced with a good selection and take the time to investigate the bar too… Look, I could wax lyrical at how brilliant a place The Ginger Italian is, about how lovely the staff, food and surroundings are, how the ambience is captivating in its welcome, but the best thing is for you to make a reservation and visit it for yourself, it’s simply marvellous!

John Marc Edun review from TripAdvisor on 07/08/18